The Layered Security Approach

Cyber threats are constantly increasing in complexity, with billions of records being exposed by data breaches in 2020 alone. These cybersecurity attacks include phishing, ransomware, Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), and Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, with new malware and viruses being discovered every day. Complicated and multi-prong threats necessitate layered security, ensuring that there are no security gaps for hackers to exploit.

Layered cybersecurity

It’s standard practice for organizations to layer security systems to monitor multiple control points throughout their network, actively detecting incoming threats and ensuring that every defense component has a backup to counter gaps in protection. A layered approach might consist of firewalls, secure configuration, malware protection, secure email gateways, endpoint protection, user access control, and a number of other security tools. With each different security solution acting as a separate failsafe, the business doesn’t have to rely solely on built-in firewalls. A layered defense typically allows the business to identify threats more efficiently, preventing financial loss and improving overall cyber security posture.

Many vendors position themselves as an ‘all in one’ solution but often fall short in areas where they lack expertise. All-purpose solutions can fail to innovate their products consistently or stay on top of the vast amount of evolving cyber threats. To cost-effectively and proactively stay on top of cyber threats, your business needs to employ best-of-breed cyber threat intelligence that complements and enhances your existing security layers.


Centripetal CleanINTERNET provides greater visibility of threats across your security systems without overwhelming your employees, applying real-time monitoring, automated shielding, and advanced threat detection.

We do this by leveraging over 3,500 cyber threat intelligence feeds, shielding ‘all risk’ threats automatically, and analyzing all remaining threats for you. We then deliver our comprehensible, relevant findings to your team directly, acting as an extension of your security team and saving your business millions in separate threat feed costs. Our expert cyber analysts are aware of new and emerging threats, easing the burden on your teams and making threat intelligence effortless.

CleanINTERNET prevents network infiltration and data exfiltration, alleviating alert fatigue for your security staff and improving the longevity of your existing security stack.

Get in touch with the Centripetal team to find out more about enhancing layered security with cyber threat intelligence.

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