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Protecting Critical National Infrastructure with Zero Trust and Cyber Threat Intelligence

September 28, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is essential to the public’s health and safety – but its networks are under attack. 90 percent of critical infrastructure providers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Mexico, and Japan have fallen victim to a cyber attack in the past two years, with g...
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The Challenges to Implementing Cybersecurity Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

September 16, 2021 | Byron Rashed
As manufacturing evolves and more sites choose to adopt connected and smart technologies, (read more in our previous manufacturing blog), hackers and other bad actors are provided with many more access points to exploit. But despite risk being high, studies have found that a quarter of man...
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The Future of Cybersecurity in the Everchanging Energy Sector

August 26, 2021 | Byron Rashed
This year’s ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline network shut down 45 percent of the fuel supplied to the US East Coast for six days, demonstrating the disruption that malicious actors can inflict on entire nations. With digital transformation, the development of supply chains, and t...
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Cybersecurity for Manufacturers in the Era of Industry 4.0

August 17, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Manufacturing isn’t a new industry, but it’s an ever-evolving one. The transformation of the industry by IoT, IIoT, OT, SCADA devices, and other data-related technologies is so significant that it’s been called the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0. However, despite 91 percent...
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Beyond Firewall Security: How Centripetal Enhances Network Protection

August 5, 2021 | Centripetal
Many in the cyber security field feel that they are protected since they have firewalls in place. The reality is that firewalls have limitations; it’s not uncommon for them to fail, with mistakes often made in patching or configuration that can allow serious threats through. When Firewalls...
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Cybersecurity in Hospitality – Protecting Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts from Cyber Threats

July 27, 2021 | Byron Rashed
No industry has undergone such a dramatic evolution in recent years as the hospitality industry. To keep up with customer demand for convenience and accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, many hospitality businesses have digitized dramatically, implementing reservation apps, digital payments, ...
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Mitigating Financial Services’ Data Breaches

July 14, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Financial services such as banks, credit card companies, and insurance providers are trusted with an abundance of sensitive data, including customer’s Social Security numbers, banking details, and personal information. As a result, banking and financial institutes are 300 times more at ris...
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Transforming Local Government Cybersecurity

June 22, 2021 | Byron Rashed
In the wake of last December’s SolarWinds cyber attack, it’s become apparent that the fallout from the hack didn’t just damage the federal government’s cybersecurity defenses, but state and local government’s as well. No less of a target than their federal counterparts, state and local gov...
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The Key Challenges for Federal Government Cybersecurity

June 15, 2021 | Byron Rashed
The federal government has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to its cybersecurity posture, allocating an estimated $18.78 billion for cybersecurity spending in 2021. But the decentralized nature of the U.S. government means that federal government cybersecurity efforts have to span more t...
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CleanINTERNET: Preventing Ransomware with Intelligence

June 15, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Recently several high-profile ransomware incidents have affected the country, these include Colonial Pipeline , JBS , and FujiFilm. These attacks do not occur in a vacuum and use known Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) previously published in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). Centripetal’s ma...
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