How to Defeat Ransomware with ThreatOps


Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite an uptick around a host of new cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) solutions promising to help combat the steady rise in ransomware attacks. If you’re not familiar with them, CTI solutions were designed to collect publicly available cyberthreat data from across the globe that they could package and sell […]

Ransomware Surges in Popularity


You might have noticed that ransomware attacks have seen a surge in popularity recently that most say will likely continue for some time. It’s not that ransomware attacks are new; the first documented ransomware attack was the AIDS trojan back in 1989. It’s just that they’ve become much easier for thieves to monetize with a […]

Why Hackers Target Airlines and The Travel Industry


The travel industry has been hit hard by cyber criminals in the past couple of years, with cyber fraud attempts on the sector increasing by 155.9% in the second quarter of 2021 alone. Traditional enterprises like airlines and airports have always been a hot target for cyber criminals, accounting for some of the largest data […]

How Ransomware and Phishing Impact the Healthcare Sector


Healthcare organizations were overwhelmed with cyber attacks during 2020 and 2021, and hackers show no sign of abating in 2022. 89% of healthcare organizations worldwide have experienced a breach in the past two years, with cyber attacks on healthcare infrastructure increasing by 30% in Q3 of 2021 alone. Last year saw services like Scripps Health in […]

Understanding The Cyber Threats to Universities

The press is constantly flooded with reports of high-profile cyber attacks devastating financial institutions, billion-dollar businesses, and retail giants. But perhaps surprisingly, the education sector reports a higher number of malware incidents than any of these industries. At the time of writing, educational organizations have reported 6.5 million malware attempts in the past 30 days, […]

Centripetal’s 2021 Roundup – Major Breaches and Key Cyber Trends


This year saw publicly reported data breaches and cyber attack attempts soar, stretching cyber teams to their limit and increasing recovery-related costs to unsustainable levels. By the end of September 2021, the number of data breaches in the US had already succeeded the total number of events in 2020 by 17%, with reputational and financial […]

Cybersecurity for Telecommunications – Outsourcing and Increasing Cyber Posture


The telecommunications industry connects us with each other, but with their vast infrastructure, and customer bases often in their millions, these companies offer a wealth of potential entry points for attackers to exploit. Almost half of telecommunications organizations suffered from DNS-based malware in 2019 alone, yet the majority (81%) waited at least three days to […]

CleanINTERNET for the Tech Industry


They may operate in countless sectors, but tech organizations have one thing in common: as leaders in innovation and holders of large amounts of customer information, including sensitive government data, security is crucial. But tech companies take an average of 187 days to identify a data breach, equating to a loss of between 10 and […]

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers in the Era of Industry 4.0


Manufacturing isn’t a new industry, but it’s an ever-evolving one. The transformation of the industry by IoT, IIoT, OT, SCADA devices, and other data-related technologies is so significant that it’s been called the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0. However, despite 91% of manufacturers investing in digital technology, 35% have said that they are […]