Intelligence powered cybersecurity

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) enables organizations to understand the current and potential threats to their business. For most, however, CTI’s full potential has been elusive. Until now.

Zero-trust inspection and advanced shielding of all inbound and outbound traffic, powered by proactive intelligence, is the most effective strategy for network security today and is the driving force behind our industry-leading research and almost 60 patented technologies.

CleanINTERNET®  works at massive scale and machine speed to proactively shield your organization from 99% of attacks that have been identified and mapped by the global threat intelligence community.


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Internal cybersecurity teams spend too much time analyzing questionable traffic, log files, and alerts from an array of dashboards that prevent them from upleveling their operations to defend against advanced persistent and zero-day threats.

With 99% of all known threats automatically shielded, we enable your overburdened team to focus on the advanced and emerging threats side-by-side with our experienced team of threat hunters.

CleanINTERNET® is a cost-effective, industry agnostic solution for Shielding & Advanced Threat Detection that uses dynamic intelligence on a mass-scale. Centripetal leverages over 100 sources that contain over 3,500 cyber threat intelligence feeds using Centripetal’s Advanced Cyber Threat ACT® service. This technology is central to delivering the dynamic intelligence used in CleanINTERNET®. We alleviate the burden of implementing complex CTI systems so your internal cyber security team can now focus on other mission-critical activities.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence component of Centripetal CleanINTERNET® operationalizes a base of over 70 core Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) providers that contain 3,500 feeds. These feeds are aggregated and maintained to deliver high confidence and high fidelity data with context of malicious sources — combining them into one solution that delivers comprehensive cyber threat coverage.

The Enforcement component delivers automated enforcement based on policies made up of millions of complex rules, using billions of threat Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) compiled through the Cyber Threat Intelligence component, applied to the live network at 1Gb to > 10Gb speeds.

The Reporting component provides executive and analyst level reporting on key findings of threats, suspicious activity, and historical reinforcement data. It also allows access to real-time cloud-based SIEM dashboards showing inbound and outbound threat activity.

Centripetal’s elite team of cyber threat analysts act as an extension of your internal cyber security team so it can achieve more and help overcome any skills gap your organization may have. Centripetal’s team of cyber threat analysts also work with your internal cyber security team to provide triage, response, and threat hunting on your behalf.


Experience how CleanINTERNET® can proactively protect your organization.