Our Advanced Strategy against Advanced Threats

Cyber Threat Intelligence gives organizations an overarching view of cyber risks, however organizations struggle with the challenges of managing and leveraging CTI and not achieving the full benefit.

Zero-trust inspection of all traffic powered by proactive intelligence is the most advanced strategy in network security today and is the driving force behind our industry-leading research and over 40 patented technologies.
The result is CleanINTERNET®, a solution that dramatically increases an organization’s cyber security posture and helps prevent network infiltration and data exfiltration.

CleanINTERNET is a cost-effective, industry agnostic solution for Shielding & Advanced Threat Detection that uses dynamic intelligence on a mass-scale. Centripetal leverages over 100 sources that contain over 3,500 cyber threat intelligence feeds using Centripetal’s Advanced Cyber Threat ACT® service. This technology is central to delivering the dynamic intelligence used in CleanINTERNET®. We alleviate the burden of implementing complex CTI systems so your internal cyber security team can now focus on other mission-critical activities.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence component of Centripetal CleanINTERNET operationalizes a base of over 70 core Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) providers that contain 3500 feeds. These feeds are aggregated and maintained to deliver high confidence and high fidelity data with context of malicious sources — combining them into one solution that delivers comprehensive cyber threat coverage.

The Enforcement component delivers automated enforcement based on policies made up of millions of complex rules, using billions of threat Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) compiled through the Cyber Threat Intelligence component, applied to the live network at 1Gb to > 10Gb speeds.

The Reporting component provides executive and analyst level reporting on key findings of threats, suspicious activity, and historical reinforcement data. It also allows access to real-time cloud-based SIEM dashboards showing inbound and outbound threat activity.

Centripetal’s elite team of cyber threat analysts act as an extension of your internal cyber security team so it can achieve more and help overcome any skills gap your organization may have. Centripetal’s team of cyber threat analysts also work with your internal cyber security team to provide triage, response, and threat hunting on your behalf.

Gain Greater Insight
into Your Security Posture

Internal cyber teams are overburdened by placing valuable time and effort on researching clear threat traffic rather than removing it and refining their security operations with Advanced Threat Detection.

CleanINTERNET Shields the clearly “all risk” threat traffic bi-directionally and then analyzes the gradient of all other events proactively through our secondary inspection technologies.

Our threat analyst team delivers our findings to our clients directly. We also provide an analytics application that can be used independently or integrated with other SIEM platforms to provide further insights. CleanINTERNET allows your internal team to gain visibility into threats and work directly with Centripetal’s cyber threat team to dramatically increase your cyber security posture and mitigate risk.

The result is CleanINTERNET a solution that dramatically increases an organization’s cyber security posture and helps prevent network infiltration and data exfiltration.


CleanINTERNET operationalizes a growing base of over 100 core CTI providers combining them with Centripetal’s Advanced Cyber Threat ACT® service into one solution to deliver comprehensive cyber threat coverage. CTI feeds can be customized to address the critical cyber security needs of any organization regardless of industry segment or enterprise size. The result is a comprehensive CTI solution that dramatically increases an organization’s cyber security posture. No other vendor offers such a comprehensive CTI solution to meet your exacting needs.

CleanINTERNET delivers exceptional value by delivering an immediate and attractive ROI. It does this by literally saving your organization millions of dollars for cyber threat tools and expertise that is impossible to duplicate in-house. CleanINTERNET pays for itself immediately since acquiring and aggregating the CTI feeds alone would be cost-prohibitive and place an unrealistic burden on internal resources. Another challenge that CleanINTERNET helps to overcome is the recruitment and retention costs of experienced intelligence professionals. This covers the skills gap and alleviates the burden placed on management teams. CleanINTERNET is a highly attractive service-based solution that is designed to fit almost every corporate budget.

You will receive personalized support throughout the entire process. Unlike other solutions that are labor-intensive, our implementation minimizes the burden placed on our clients. From delivery to configuration, the Centripetal team will ensure a smooth and easy implementation of CleanINTERNET on-premise or in a cloud environment.

CleanINTERNET also helps mitigate risk from failure to meet many compliance standards such as PCI DSS, ITAR, HIPAA, and more. With breaches occurring daily, no organization can risk costly fines, loss of revenue, and the associated reputation damage.

CleanINTERNET delivers immediate value by helping to increase the efficiency of your security stack by dramatically reducing overall firewall and SEIM events and log data. This enables internal cyber threat teams to concentrate their efforts on mission-critical activities that are otherwise missed by freeing up valuable time to perform real threat hunting and keeping systems up to date.

Every organization is facing the global scarcity of properly trained cyber threat personnel. Our experienced team of cyber threat analysts acts as an extension of your team. Our team of intelligence trained analysts have extensive experience at the national level and have secured many of the most sensitive networks in the world while serving at the DoD, the NSA, the CIA, the DHS, the White House, and HHS. We fully cover the cybersecurity skills gap for your organization, helping to alleviate the burden of recruiting and retention in this highly restricted talent market. From the onset, our team delivers the experience and skill to help with your cyber security strategies and initiatives.

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