Reducing the Cost of Cyber Threat Intelligence

As the cost of the average cyber breach increases, now hitting up to $4million per breach, cybersecurity costs have become a vital consideration for businesses, no matter their size. In fact, around half of all cyberattacks target small or medium-sized businesses, necessitating a solution that is low in cost but high in protection.

Aggregating cyber threat intelligence feeds is one of the most efficient ways of compiling large amounts of threat data in one place, providing an early warning system for potential indicators of compromise. However, each provider’s feeds can cost between $30,000 and $500,000, with data overlap between feeds requiring multiple purchases to get a holistic view of incoming threats. Many businesses also find that cybersecurity costs inflate due to security vendors’ professional service fees, license fees, and frequent updates. In addition, most of these feeds are proprietary, limiting the scalability to obtain a comprehensive solution.

Shrinking Budgets

To make matters worse, cybersecurity budgets are shrinking rapidly. Worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services grew by only 2.4% during 2020, well below the estimated growth of 8.7%. This budget decrease, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, has led many cybersecurity professionals to feel that they are not keeping up with rising threat levels, impacting their cybersecurity posture and enabling cybercriminals to achieve more successful attacks.

Small and mid-sized organizations, who don’t have the specialized staff or the revenue of larger businesses, can find it particularly challenging to purchase the right threat intelligence solutions, learn how to effectively use them, and correctly leverage the data they provide. The global cybersecurity skills gap puts further strain on corporate budgets and cybersecurity costs, with skill shortages in cybersecurity now directly affecting millions of professionals. This makes it difficult to recruit and retain highly skilled cyber threat analysts to leverage the information that threat feeds provide. A lack of adequate cybersecurity staff or a lack of training has a direct impact on the business’ cybersecurity posture, allowing cyber threats to slip through the cracks and cause cyber security incidents.


Instead of spending millions of dollars on various cyber threat intelligence feeds, your business can spend a fraction of that and receive comprehensive cyber threat intelligence with CleanINTERNET. CleanINTERNET aggregates thousands of CTI feeds and delivers personalized findings and shielding recommendations straight to you, saving you the cost of purchasing separate feeds and avoiding data overlap or gaps in pertinent threat data. By delivering actionable insights directly to you, our elite team of cyber threat analysts act as an extension of your existing team, eliminating the challenge of the skills gap.

By aggregating, managing and delivering CTI feeds for you, Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET solution delivers an immediate ROI, with our threat intelligence expertise as part of the total cost. Alleviating the skills gap challenge from your business allows productivity and efficiency to flourish.

Our service is designed to fit any budget and any organization of any size, so get in touch with the Centripetal team to find out more about CleanINTERNET for your business.


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