centripetal-about-cyber-security.pngCyber security is the most serious unsolved problem in information technology today. The size, severity, and cost of breaches continues to grow each year. By distributing and applying cyber threat intelligence (CTI), it should be possible to actively prevent most cyber attacks. In fact, over the last decade, enough cyber threat intelligence has been available to detect and stop virtually all of the major breaches that have occurred. So why isn’t CTI being applied extensively?

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to collect, process and activate CTI on a network. The available body of CTI is very large, complex, dynamic, and noisy. Conventional “security stack” technologies — firewall, IDS, IPS, proxy, etc. — cannot meet this challenge, and incremental “next-gen” improvements don’t help very much.

To solve this dilemma, Centripetal has developed RuleGate threat intelligence gateway, a revolutionary new technology that can automatically collect, process, and apply CTI to stop attacks before any damage is done to your networks. The results are nothing short of amazing!


An ever-growing number of Centripetal customers have had significant breaches stopped thanks to RuleGate threat intelligence gateway system — the only system capable of discovering and blocking attackers’ activity in real-time. These attempts, by some of the world’s most sophisticated adversaries, include theft of data, control of customer assets, insertion of malware, insertion or initiation of ransomware, theft of credentials, and others.

In addition to vastly improving cyber security, Centripetal’s gateway system offers productivity and cost benefits as well. By stopping so much “all-risk, no-business” traffic at the network entry, Centripetal users experience a substantial reduction in event volume, false alerts, and analyst workload. This makes the existing security analyst workforce much more efficient and effective. As a result, Centripetal networks’ gateway system was selected as one of the top-16 cyber technologies for 2017 by an independent panel of the world’s premier cyber experts.


At the end of 2014, Centripetal introduced RuleGate, the first threat intelligence gateway solution, providing a 100X improvement over legacy security systems such as next-gen firewalls. This was only the beginning. Since its initial introduction, RuleGate threat intelligence gateway system has continued to evolve its features and performance, and now exceeds the performance of conventional security systems by 1000X or more.

We have subsequently introduced flow-based analytics, SIEM integrations, multi-platform support (including x86), and many new protective capabilities. In addition, we have increased the full-line-rate operating speed by over 10X and the CTI policy scale and scope by over 5X. The Centripetal gateway system is by far the most advanced CTI-led network security system.

Centripetal’s number of installations and customer base has continued to grow by at least 100% year over year. Centripetal now supports some of the largest financial services institutions, retailers, and government agencies in the world.

Centripetal currently operates from two locations: our headquarters in Reston, VA, and our R&D center in Portsmouth, NH.

Centripetal continues to add financial capital, employees, and new customers. Our systems are deployed in some of the world’s most mission- critical networks. Because of these customer successes, Centripetal is now a partner on one of the largest and most important cyber defense contracts in history.


Our mission is to offer a cost-effective solution that makes it extremely difficult or impossible for any attacker to misuse the Internet access of any legitimate Internet user, anywhere, on any device. As the inventor of the first threat intelligence gateway, we continue to offer the best, and by far the most advanced, threat intelligence gateway system on the market. We offer systems that fit all size customers — from individual home users to the largest enterprises in the world.


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