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We are here to help you get the most value from our threat intelligence enforcement products and solutions. If you need assistance of any kind, simply reach out to our support team. An experienced technical support engineer or security analyst will be happy to help solve any issue, concern, or question that you may have. We pride ourselves on being proactive, prompt, and highly resourceful. 

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We are here to help! Please enter an online support ticket below. If have a question, issue or concern, please reach out to us. If you have general feedback on our products or solution, we would love to hear your ideas!

The Centripetal CTI Portal is a secure area for customers to exchange files and perform IOC research/lookup.

Professional Services

We offer engagement services to help our customers get the most value from our threat intelligence security solution. Our technical team is trained and certified in enterprise network design, security operations, and ITSM best practices. Leveraging our expertise and knowledge to augment your current resources can be of great value. Centripetal's Pro-Serv team can help with implementation, training, analysis and the fine tuning of your threat intelligence for maximum effectiveness.  

Implementation Services - Let our team of experienced network solution architects help you with your setup, installation, and complete operational configuration of your threat Intelligence gateway solution. We can optimize your Time-to-Value by helping you get to an in-line state that proactively engages real-time threat intelligence to shield your network from malicious threats. We can work with your current staff to make the implementation quick and simple.

Optimization Services - To get the most value and benefit from the threat intelligence gateway solution that you put in place to protect your data center or enterprise network, you should fine tune threat feeds, deeply understand your threat posture and proactively optimize your configuration (aligned to your specific business needs). Centripetal’s cyber security experts can analyze your requirements, deep dive into actual data and proactively optimize your threat intel feeds to ensure you are getting the highest level of protection possible.

Security Analyst Consultation - Centripetal cyber security analysts are available for one, two or three-day onsite engagements, working directly with your Security Operations Center (SOC) security services team. Our cyber security analysts are certified and highly skilled in threat intelligence analysis, understanding patterns of the bad actors and can help proactively establish defense plans to maximize your threat intelligent gateway investment. We help analyze trends, make sense of the data collected and show you how to best secure the environment.

Note: CleanINTERNET Service includes all of our high-end professional services as part of the standard service engagement.