Simplifying Cyber Threat Intelligence

In battling the constant threat of security breaches, many organizations rely on solutions that provide real-time security alerts. The average enterprise employs dozens of tools, leaving security teams inundated with cyber threat intelligence and focused on multiple interfaces every day. Unsurprisingly, organizations find multi-vendor environments challenging, particularly when faced with tightening budgets and an already overworked cyber security team.

The fact is security alerts have doubled over the last five years for 70% of security teams. Almost every cyber security team admits that the high volume of alerts causes problems for their security staff, with over half experiencing ‘alert fatigue’ as a result. This can cause security teams to become complacent, allowing important alerts to slip through the cracks and potentially causing irreversible damage to the business. The pressure of keeping up with increasing alerts and maintaining multiple solutions can lead security professionals to feel stressed, with 54% either leaving a role due to overwork and burnout, or knowing someone else who has.

Additionally, the cost of implementing and maintaining multiple security solutions can complicate the process. Budgets are shrinking, with Gartner projecting a 2.4% increase in worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services during 2020, well below the 8.7% growth it had estimated before the coronavirus pandemic. This decrease in funding is having a direct effect on enterprises’ cyber security posture, with 82% of cyber security professionals reporting that security budgets are not keeping up with rising threat levels. Many security vendors also complicate their costs with various professional service fees, licence fees, and frequent updates.

Finding simplicity in Cyber Threat Intelligence

The good news is that by employing next-generation cyber threat intelligence, the burden on security staff can be lifted, streamlining and simplifying cyber security operations and allowing you to focus on your mission-critical business activities. While some security solutions rely on your team to understand and analyze cyber threats, or even lock down systems so strictly that it affects your business’ productivity, we offer a simpler solution.

Centripetal CleanINTERNET operationalizes a growing base of over 3,500 cyber threat intelligence feeds, utilizing dynamic cyber threat intelligence at mass scale to identify what’s relevant for your business and shielding “all-risk” threat traffic to protect your network. Our cyber threat analysts act as an extension of your team, reporting back to you with the threats that matter, alleviating the burden on your security team, reducing alert fatigue and saving significant costs of subscribing and managing cyber threat feeds. The Centripetal team provides personalized support from day one, ensuring that implementation is effortless for your team, whether on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid environments. CleanINTERNET enables you to level the playing field against advanced cyber threats, simplifying security operations and improving your security posture in the process.

Speak to our team to find out how you can simplify cyber threat intelligence for your entire organization.
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