Security Service Engagement That Delivers Rapid Time-to-Value

We all want CleanINTERNET. A connection to and from the outside world that is free of all known viruses, phishing schemes, malicious attacks, cyber exploits and the like. A clean connection that keeps the bad actors away from our sensitive data and important applications, so that an organization can feel safe in using the business resources and security service they need to be productive. Unfortunately, we live in a world today where continuous cyber threats are plentiful and all too common.

There are more than 720 million hack attempts every 24 hours worldwide, 60% of all traffic hitting your network is from malicious bots, and a high percentage of all emails contain spam content. The number of emails carrying malware have increased to new highs, with one in every 359 emails carrying a malicious payload, according to a recent Symantec Intelligence Report.

The good news is… Centripetal has a solution that addresses this problem head on, one that provides immediate positive results in cleaning up the network from known threats upon activation. The best part is that the solution is bundled as a fully managed service that is both cost effective and very quick to deploy. Once implemented the solution delivers continuous intelligence driven protection and a comprehensive security analytics dashboard to help understand the threat surface that is attacking your network.

The CleanINTERNET service

With the CleanINTERNET service, there is no need to buy or maintain hardware, the service offering is designed to be all inclusive. Centripetal will deploy the necessary components for the system, as well as perform the implementation and ongoing maintenance. The CleanINTERNET service allows you to realize value immediately upon activation.

The provisioning of CleanINTERNET service begins with the deployment of a physical or virtual threat intelligent gateway enforcement point at the outermost perimeter of your network. The device is a high-performance gateway, operating at line speed with extremely low latency. The deployment configuration is in-line, which allows real-time deep inspection of every packet against applied cyber threat intelligence feeds. Branch office deployments as low as 100 Mbps, up through high-performance data center and enterprise network environments with 100 Gbps of throughput are supported.

The CleanINTERNET service engagement consists of 5 key phases, which span from planning, implementation, all the way through to continuous operation and reporting. The engagement begins with reviewing our Client’s network configuration and creating an implementation plan.

The strategic goals of the engagement include:

  • Ensure a smooth and quick implementation,
  • Ensure a rapid Time-to-Value (TTV),
  • Shield the network from known threats, and
  • Deliver Cyber Threat Intelligence report data by a Centripetal Security analyst

Centripetal’s Professional Services team will oversee every step of the engagement journey, which include the following 5 key steps. The CleanINTERNET service can be up and operational within 1-2 weeks.

  1. Pre-Deployment Planning:

A Centripetal Solutions Architect will meet with Client’s technical staff to review network configuration, connection criteria, and complete the required network implementation survey. (Typically requires 30 minutes to one hour)

  1. Delivery & Installation: 

Centripetal to deliver pre-configured threat intelligent gateway to client’s site. Client or Centripetal staff to install devicde and any required taps, as well as perform initial software configuration. (Typically accomplished in less than two hours)

  1. Initial Data-View: 

Once data is flowing through the threat intelligent gateway (in a passive configuration), Centripetal will provision client access to real-time visualization of inbound and outbound threats made available through the CleanINTERNET portal. If Client desires onsite SIEM access, then Centripetal will provision local syslog.

  1. Shielding & Advanced Threat Detection:

Centripetal will work with Client to develop Client-specific policies to implement coverage at Client’s direction and to determine Client’s approval & reporting procedures. These include both shielding for known threats and the detection of advanced threats. (Continuous Service)

  1. Reporting:

Centripetal will work with Client to develop enterprise specific risk models, alerts, and reporting procedures for both operational reporting and executive reporting. Centripetal to present monthly ongoing reports of findings and preventive actions. (Continuous Service)

You can also learn more about CleanINTERNET here and you can start a free trial here.


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