ESG Validates Centripetal’s Unparalleled Performance

Independent analysis validates Centripetal’s solutions: “This is the highest performance network filtering solution that ESG has tested or seen in action to date,” said Tony Palmer, ESG Senior Validation Analyst.

HERNDON, Va., August 14th, 2018 —

Centripetal, the leading provider of RuleGATE® threat intelligence gateways and CleanINTERNET® service, announces the results of a validation report which studied the technologies that enterprises need in order to realize the promise of cyber threat intelligence.  The analysis, written by The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), illustrates the necessity to deploy threat intelligence gateway technologies in order to implement a true, before-the-event, intelligence process. With these solutions, security teams can now harness the work-product of thousands of global security analysts.

ESG’s validation provides an overview of each of the technology challenges that must be overcome to move beyond a forensic posture and to realize a best-in-class threat intelligence defense. The report explains how Centripetal operates at every phase of the intelligence cycle to solve these highly specialized problems. “Organizations have been led to believe that they can get what a threat intelligence gateway does from a firewall. The stark reality is that the volume and specialization of threat intelligence calls for specialized tools. Simply put, with the ability to process hundreds of millions of indicators from thousands of feeds, Centripetal delivers more than is possible with firewalls and IPS systems,” said Tony Palmer, Senior Validation Analyst with ESG.

Enterprise security teams are recognizing that the real value of threat intelligence doesn’t come from raw reports or forensic analysis. Intelligence is supposed to be about prevention. “What matters with CTI risk is not in the data itself – it’s whether or not the threat actually comes to your door. Network presence is what really matters, and this is why CTI gateway technology is so important,” said Jon Oltsik of ESG. Taking proactive and defensive action to stop malicious threats and cut event workload in advance is the true value of threat intelligence.

“Centripetal’s security service solves all of the critical needs highlighted by ESG, allowing our customers to deploy a compelling solution that acts in advance,” said Steven Rogers, Centripetal’s CEO.  “Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® service combines automated intelligence, the company’s RuleGATE® automated enforcement points, and real-time analytics to help protect organizations of any size.”

About Centripetal

Centripetal delivers intelligence-driven security. Centripetal invented the Threat Intelligence Gateway and leverages its technologies to deliver CleanINTERNET, a comprehensive intelligence-led cyber service. With Centripetal, customers across every vertical and of every size can persistently prevent over 90% of known threats with intelligence applied in advance. Gartner, Inc. has named Centripetal a “Cool Vendor” in security for 2017, and the Security Innovation Network (SINET) named Centripetal a “SINET-16” awardee. Centripetal’s technology is protected by over 50 US and international patents.

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