Centripetal Comments on Mobile Chrome Hoax

Centripetal Comments on “Mobile Chrome Hoax Could Target Android Users” in TechNewsWorld

“A new method for hiding the true location of a website from users of the mobile Chrome Web browser has come to light. Scammers can exploit mobile Chrome’s feature that hides the address bar when users are scrolling on a Web page by inserting an address bar that allows a fake site to pose as a legitimate one, such as that of a bank…”

Experts Commented below:

Jonathan Olivera, Threat Analyst at Centripetal Networks:

Phishing attacks on mobile devices likely are on the rise due to the rapid growth in the sector, explained Jonathan Olivera, a threat analyst with Centripetal Networks, a cybersecurity solutions provider in Herdon, Virginia.

“The bad actors will always follow the areas that have the most users,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“The mobile platforms and application developers have an incentive to produce as many products as feasible to satisfy their user base,” Olivera said, “which results in security vulnerabilities in many of them.”

To read more, please see the article on ECTNews.

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