Leveraging Verisign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services

Centripetal Networks Leverages Verisign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services for their RuleGate® Appliance

RuleGate® appliance operationalizes industry-leading threat intelligence from the Verisign iDefense Service to provide enhanced cyber awareness and network protection. HERNDON, VA – November 11, 2014

Centripetal Networks announces today that they have partnered with VeriSign, Inc. to integrate Verisign iDefense® Security Intelligence Services into their ultra-high-performance network appliance, the RuleGate®. Integrating Versign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services into the RuleGate will enable organizations to operationalize iDefense threat intelligence in real-time at full duplex, without disrupting network performance or user experience.

Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services deliver actionable intelligence and analysis of vulnerabilities – including unpublished zero-day vulnerabilities collected from over 30,000 products and 400 technology vendors – malicious code and geopolitical threats to assist organizations with protecting their network from cyber-attacks. Verisign iDefense leverages a global intelligence-gathering network, proven methodology and highly skilled security professionals to provide customers with access to vulnerability information and intelligence on emerging security threats, as well as recommendations for mitigation.

This integration will enable Centripetal Networks’ RuleGate appliance to operationalize iDefense’s advanced threat intelligence and apply million-scale unique threat indicators to every packet entering and exiting the customer network in real-time – at scale without disrupting network performance. These intelligence-based alerts can then be input into leading SIEM tools. Outbound threat monitoring enables immediate identification of specific compromised hosts attempting to dynamically extract data from the customer’s network. RuleGate enforces these extremely large customer policies in real-time while incurring latencies of less than 10 microseconds. This level of performance enables organizations to block attacks before they occur, creating total enhanced cyber awareness.

Key features of the integration include: automation of threat prioritization based on severity, business criticality, and relevance to the organization. Enablement of organizations to block, alert, or allow cyber threats on the network in real-time. Ongoing monitoring and analysis of threats with a sustained view of the threat lifecycle enforcement of large-scale policies without disruption of network speed or function.

“By integrating with partners like Verisign, we can bring the practice of an active cyber defense to life, creating a more secure network environment,” said Steven A. Rogers, Centripetal Networks founder and CEO. “This form of threat intelligence can populate the system with known threat actors and allow the RuleGate to run at a scale where we can stop data theft before it occurs. The integration with iDefense brings a new level of security intelligence to our appliance and, in turn, makes both products stronger.”

Centripetal Networks provides the RuleGate appliance as part of their Network Protection System, a fully integrated Active Network Defense Platform. This system includes the RuleGate appliance along with the QuickThreat®, Advanced Cyber Threat™ Service, RuleGate® Manager and Policy Manager applications. With the Network Protection System comes ease in changing, adding and maneuvering the rule sets, enhancing user experience and cyber awareness. Flexible deployment options allow for the most advanced, instantaneous data correlation available.

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About Centripetal

Centripetal Networks Inc. is a cyber-security solutions provider specializing in Real-Time Active Network Defense. Centripetal has achieved several breakthroughs in the scale and speed of network protection. Centripetal’s RuleGate® product is the first and only system able to action threat indicators at scale, at full line-rate speed, and with agility. Threat intelligence can now directly drive an active cyber defense without negatively impacting network performance or user experience. Centripetal’s offering includes the RuleGate® a unique ultra high performance network appliance, QuickThreat® the industry’s first real-time threat visualization and analytics platform, and the Advanced Cyber Threat™ (ACT) service.



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