Cyveillance Partners with Centripetal Networks Inc

High-performance RuleGate® appliance operationalizes industry-leading threat intelligence from Cyveillance to offer enhanced cyber awareness.

HERNDON, VA – March 9, 2015

Centripetal Networks Inc., the leading provider of Real-Time Active Network Defense solutions, announces their partnership today with Cyveillance, a QinetiQ company and a world leader in cyber intelligence. This partnership will deliver actionable cyber threat intelligence to organizations across all industries by enabling Centripetal’s high-performance RuleGate® platform to leverage Cyveillance’s advanced threat intelligence streams.

Developed over more than 15 years of continuous innovation, the Cyveillance platform combines web crawling, search engines, APIs, social media, and underground sources to provide actionable intelligence. This global, language-agnostic collection platform provides a unique range of data compared to simple social-monitoring or web-search tools.

Cyveillance’s team of security analysts and experts use the data to identify and analyze threats from around the world, turning unique data into rich, insightful intelligence. Data feeds from Cyveillance include real-time, specific intelligence about high-risk hosts, domain names, websites, malicious payloads, and IP addresses.

Centripetal’s RuleGate appliance is an Active Network Defense system with real-time attack visualizations and analytics. RuleGate devices are used to protect networks from cyber threats such as malware, malicious users, spam, phishing, scanning, and multiple adversaries. The RuleGate offers cyber analysts full visibility into which hosts are communicating from inside the network to specific hosts outside the network, in real-time. RuleGate is the key component of Centripetal’s Network Protection System, a fully integrated Active Network Defense platform that includes Centripetal’s full line of hardware and software solutions.

Through the integration of Cyveillance’s cyber intelligence with the RuleGate platform, organizations can activate large-scale policies in seconds while applying million-scale unique indicators to every packet entering and leaving the network, all without creating any degradation in network performance. Centripetal Networks utilizes Cyveillance’s Phishing URL, Malicious URL, and suspect domain name feeds, which the RuleGate then operationalizes to enable organizations to block, alert, or allow threats in real-time. This helps to prevent data theft on organizations’ networks before it occurs.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Centripetal Networks to bring our threat intelligence capabilities and expertise to their clients,” said Scott Kaine, President of Cyveillance. “With the ever-growing number of attacks that make it past traditional perimeter security systems and devices, it is critical for organizations to get advance knowledge of potential threats through open source threat intelligence. The combination of our cyber intelligence feeds with Centripetal Networks’ platform gives organizations the means to better prepare for and protect against these threats.”

“Cyveillance’s industry-leading cyber intelligence serves as a critical component to the Centripetal Networks solution,” said Steven A. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Centripetal Networks. “It is this sort of comprehensive intelligence that enables our RuleGate system to provide organizations with the most-advanced, instantaneous data correlation available.”

Cyveillance and Centripetal will host a joint webinar on April 9 on “Keeping Up to Date in an Ever-Changing Security Landscape.” This presentation will explore the challenges in closing the breach detection gap, managing large dynamic sets of threat intelligence, and how to operationalize threat intelligence in a perimeter defense strategy.

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About Centripetal

Centripetal Networks Inc. is a cyber-security solutions provider specializing in Real-Time Active Network Defense. Centripetal has achieved several breakthroughs in the scale and speed of network protection. Centripetal’s RuleGate® product is the first and only system able to action threat indicators at scale, at full line-rate speed, and with agility. Threat intelligence can now directly drive an active cyber defense without negatively impacting network performance or user experience. Centripetal’s offering includes the RuleGate® a unique ultra high performance network appliance, QuickThreat® the industry’s first real-time threat visualization and analytics platform, and the Advanced Cyber Threat™ (ACT) service.

About Cyveillance

Cyveillance, a world leader in cyber intelligence, provides an intelligence-led approach to security. Through continuous, comprehensive Internet monitoring and sophisticated intelligence analysis, Cyveillance proactively identifies and eliminates threats to information, infrastructure, individuals and their interactions, enabling its customers to preserve their reputation, revenues, and customer trust. Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and OEM Data Partners – protecting the majority of the Fortune 50, regional financial institutions nationwide, and more than 100 million global consumers through its partnerships with security and service providers that include Blue Coat, AOL and Microsoft. Cyveillance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ.

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About QinetiQ

A FTSE250 company, QinetiQ uses its world class knowledge, research and innovation to provide high-end technical expertise and advice, to customers in the global aerospace, defense and security markets. QinetiQ’s unique position enables it to be a trusted partner to government organizations, predominantly in the UK and the US, including defense departments as well as other international customers in targeted sectors.

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