Centripetal Comments on Email Breach in Solutions Review

Centripetal Comments on Massive Email Breach in Solutions Review

In what some experts call one of the most largest and comprehensive email breaches of all time, nearly one billion emails have been exposed by a little-known marketing company called

Experts Commented below:

Byron Rashed, VP of Marketing of Centripetal Networks:

“Businesses and consumers should always verify and deal with trusted businesses. In today’s digital environment, giving electronic information out about one’s self is exposing the individual to a variety of cyber crimes. Credentials can be leveraged by a threat actor for identity theft on a personal level and corporate network infiltration and data exfiltration for businesses.

Enterprises should enabling blocking of such malicious sources, which is key to preventing network infiltration and reducing and mitigating the risk of data exfiltration. Corporate policy should govern and prevent the use of their corporate credentials on non-work related sites as well. Education of employees is always the best first line of defense, since most breaches are caused by human error.”

To read more, please see the article on Solutions Review

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