Centripetal’s CEO Featured in SC Magazine

Centripetal’s CEO Steven Rogers Featured in SC Magazine’s Article on the GAO’s Cybersecurity Findings Within the Bureau of Fiscal Service

The General Accounting Office (GAO) criticized the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, over new and old cybersecurity problems in a new audit.

Experts Commented below:

Steven Rogers, CEO of Centripetal:

“It’s great that an audit found this key vulnerability. However, well-designed network security systems should already employ both internal and external protective technologies to prevent successful attackers from stealing data. These new protective systems, such as Threat Intelligence Gateways, can protect the enterprise from yet unknown vulnerabilities, long before an audit finally discovers them,” Steven Rogers, CEO of Centripetal.

Rogers added that all the systems should employ advanced intelligence in their security stacks such as external threat intelligence-based and internal rule-based systems that will detect an issue before it is exposed.

“They shouldn’t wait for a vulnerability to be exposed before doing anything.  With the aforementioned technologies in place, the practical effect of a vulnerability would be mitigated. The agency should still find and fix potential vulnerabilities, but if these protective systems are in place, the attacker will be stopped anyway,” Rogers said.

To read more, please see the article on SC Magazine


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