Centripetal Comments in Data Center Knowledge article

Centripetal’s Senior Threat Analyst Colin Little  Comments in Data Center Knowledge article “How Data Centers Can Use the New Smart Cybersecurity Tools

“Even as cyber attackers get smarter, and the number and impact of attacks go up, the cybersecurity tools available to data centers are getting better, smarter, and easier to deploy.

Machine learning, an AI technique, is already being widely used in cybersecurity to detect previously unknown threats and to spot suspicious traffic patterns and unusual user behaviors.”

Experts Commented below:

Colin Little, Senior Threat Analyst at Centripetal Networks:

For example, AI-powered threat intelligence gateways managed as a service are one new option for securing an expanded perimeter, said Colin Little, senior threat analyst at Centripetal Networks. “Organizations are realizing the power of never having enough security analysts,” he said.

But before deploying any of these new technologies in a live environment, Little recommends that data centers test them thoroughly. “Just like any other new tool!” he said.


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