Centripetal Comments in The Security Ledger

Centripetal Comments on Cybercrime Losses From FBI Statistics in The Security Ledger

Organizations lost $2.7 billion to Internet-enabled theft, fraud and exploitation in 2018, with business e-mail compromise scams resulting in the highest of these financial losses, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Experts Commented below:

Byron Rashed, VP of Marketing at Centripetal Networks:

“This is going to be an endless game of cat and mouse,” said Byron Rashed, vice president of marketing, at network cybersecurity firm Centripetal Networks. “One side will gain advantage over the other and then vice versa.”

Rashed has a pessimistic view of the average Internet users’s ability to protect against sophisticated and organized cyber crimes.

“Although cybersecurity awareness has increased in Internet users, most don’t even know the basics or what to look for to identify threats or possible threats–phishing, basic security in open networks, malware, etc.,” he said. “Many either still don’t have endpoint protection, or they fail to keep it updated against the most current threats.”

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