Implementing and Maintaining Cyber Threat Intelligence

With annual cyber security spending projected to eclipse $43 billion by the end of 2020, organizations are increasingly willing to invest far more into cyber threat intelligence capabilities. However, with vendors charging up to $100,000 for their security tools and support, and the growing cyber security skills shortage affecting 76% of organizations, installation can be expensive and employees may be unable to manage it. In many cases, these technologies end up left misconfigured or not effectively utilized.

This is particularly prevalent for mid-sized organizations who do not have specialized cyber security teams and rely on smaller IT teams who in most cases do not possess all of the skills or experience to implement a cyber threat intelligence solution. Many problems stem from implementation issues that arise during configuration, which can cause various vulnerabilities into the network. Security misconfiguration accounts for 82% of security vulnerabilities and has lead to catastrophic data breaches, such as the 2019 Teletext exposure of 530,000 data files.

Even when implemented and configured properly, operational challenges can and do occur. With multiple feeds needed for wider visibility of the threat landscape, there’s increased data to analyze and translate, and employees often do not have the skills to understand the data and therefore are unable to create actionable insights. Businesses around the world are concerned about the growing cyber security skills gap, with 58% of CISOs believing that the problem of not having expert cyber staff will worsen.

Human analysts are unable to deal with the overwhelming number of alerts they’re confronted with across different security solutions and are quickly faced with a large amount of false positives, which account for roughly 40% of the alerts cyber security teams receive daily, and in many scenarios, real threats are overlooked and infiltrate the network. Simply implementing threat feeds does not guarantee a strong threat intelligence program; it may lead to employees becoming overwhelmed and dealing with large quantities of threat data without vital context to find out what is real and what is not.

Cyber security tools should be efficient, easy to install and configure, and should not disrupt your company’s operations or cause workplace inefficiencies, wasting business time in the process. Cyber threat teams or analysts should receive only the intelligence they need, prioritizing the cyber threats relevant to them, in a way that’s actionable and easy to understand.

Centripetal understands this challenge and supports the end-to-end process. When you decide to use Centripetal CleanINTERNET, we take the time to understand your organization and make sure that the solution fits perfectly within your existing environment. Centripetal reduces misconfiguration issues as we provide “Full-service Implementation,” where our implementation team installs and configures on-site.

After implementation, we handle the maintenance and any upgrades. Our highly experienced cyber threat analysts act as an extension of your existing security team and work directly with them to provide guidance and insights on new and upcoming threats, create and implement policies, and dramatically increase your organizations cyber security posture.

Centripetal CleanINTERNET’s service delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution,  whether it’s on-premise or in a virtual/cloud environment. We alleviate the skills gap burden for any size organization, regardless of industry. With Centripetal CleanINTERNET’s Full-service Implementation, you can focus on your business’ mission-critical operations, enabling internal teams to become more efficient and key in on real threats.

For more information about CleanINTERNET, get in touch with our team.

Our next blog will address 2nd generation cyber threat intelligence and the benefits of cyber threat shielding without any disruption to the business process.
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