CleanINTERNET x Mid-Atlantic Cyber

Getting ahead of the curve on the cyber threat landscape

Maintaining the upper hand against cyber threats to guard against network intrusion means employing the right tools to keep you informed of potential and real threats. Mid-Atlantic Cyber, an organization offering physical security and infrastructure solutions, has been utilizing our cyber threat intelligence service, CleanINTERNET, for over four years. Mid-Atlantic Cyber’s Founder and President, Chris Mannix, sat down with us to discuss what it’s like working with the Centripetal team and leveraging the CleanINTERNET service.

“The Centripetal CleanINTERNET service, in real-time, is doing something unique and different than the other security stack and firewall componentry that we’ve used traditionally.”

Over the past 20 years, Mid-Atlantic Cyber have had to evolve their physical security and infrastructure offering to keep their customers’ networks protected. With customers originally coming to Mid-Atlantic Cyber for security cameras and access control systems, it wasn’t long before these systems needed to be connected to the internet, making them susceptible to cyber attack. The organization knew that they needed a robust solution to protect their customers from increasing cyber threats.

Chris Mannix and his team started to look for new and compelling solutions to add to their security stack, looking to get as close to real-time threat intelligence as possible and use this intelligence to protect both their own corporate infrastructure and their clients’. Mid-Atlantic Cyber knew how important it was to protect their networks without locking things down too strictly, as productivity can then suffer. They also needed a solution that was cost-effective and simple to implement.

Four years ago, the organization started working with Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET solution across their two branch offices and one data center. The solution provided Mid-Atlantic Cyber with visibility of their security posture across all of their sites, and helped their customers understand what the solution does and its cost benefits. CleanINTERNET allowed the business to benefit from comprehensive threat intelligence reports and logs, alerting them to potential threats while simultaneously shielding against malicious activity.

Mid-Atlantic Cyber has found Centripetal’s SOC and NOC resources particularly beneficial, allowing them to analyze and identify areas for improvement within their environment. By engineering their solution to include Centripetal CleanINTERNET, Mid-Atlantic Cyber has been able to shield against threats that would have gone undetected through their firewalls, as well as seeing a reduction in signal-to-noise. Since working with Mid-Atlantic Cyber, Centripetal has shielded a vast number of threats, including active attacks attempting to circumvent corporate DNS security at a client data center, unauthorized scanning by threat actors, and fake anti-virus scams. In December 2020 alone, CleanINTERNET used 457 cyber threat intelligence feeds to shield 2,369,303 threats from 212,772 unique IoC’s targeting Mid-Atlantic Cyber.

“The human contact with the Centripetal experts has been really refreshing and educational for me and my team.”

Implementing CleanINTERNET has allowed the Mid-Atlantic Cyber team to relinquish control of cyber security operations to the Centripetal team, giving them the opportunity to focus on developing their solution and nurturing new business relationships, with confidence that their infrastructure, and their customers’, are protected. After previously expanding Mid-Atlantic Cyber to include cyber security, Chris Mannix retained the cyber side of the business and sold the physical side; a decision that was made possible thanks to his confidence in Centripetal’s solution.

“It’s very exciting to feel like we’re getting ahead of the curve on the cyber threat landscape.”

Doing the best job for your customers means leveraging every credible piece of threat intelligence and using the best technology that’s available. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET solution operationalizes a growing base of cyber threat intelligence feeds to deliver comprehensive protection at an exceptional value. With CleanINTERNET, your organization can easily see any internal issues that need to be remediated and external threats that need to be shielded, and with Centripetal’s threat analysts operating as an extension of your cyber team, you can focus on your business in the knowledge that your customers’ data is safe.

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