The Management Team

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Steven Rogers

President + CEO

Steven Rogers is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Centripetal. He leads Centripetal into the emerging Threat Intelligence Gateway market as the company who created the market, and invented the Threat Intelligence Gateway.

Steven has more than 25 years of successful leadership experience in the cybersecurity and communications markets. He’s built, grown and sold cyber and communications companies throughout his career.

Prior to founding Centripetal, he was CEO of Rivulet Communications, a provider data transport solutions to medical, government, and enterprise companies. He’s served as CEO of Cetacean Networks, Inc., which he guided to an acquisition by Avaya, as well as CEO for Objective Communications, Inc., where he led the company to a successful IPO, and ultimately an acquisition. He’s held additional positions with Cryptek, Inc., Unisys, American Satellite, Harris Government Systems, and COMSAT.

Steven served in the US Air Force Security Service, National Military Command Center, has served in the White House communications division and was responsible for the security of Air Force One.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Steven has over 10 US Patents.