CleanINTERNET for Large Enterprise is designed for the most demanding high performance network environments, including global e-commerce retailers, critical infrastructure providers and large government agencies.

We understand how important advanced threat intelligence is when operating a global, 24×7 operation where transactions are in the billions. Zero trust inspection and advanced shielding of all inbound and outbound traffic, powered by proactive intelligence, is the most effective strategy for network security today and is the driving force behind our industry-leading research and over 60 patented technologies.

The CleanINTERNET Service delivers:

Superior protection from all global threats with a cost-effective subscription model

Experienced threat hunters that act as an extension to your internal team

100x improvement in your existing security stack to reduce costs further

number of threats detected and shielded at a customer location during a 30-day period*


Total threats detected

*The CleanINTERNET for Large Enterprise solution uses the advanced RG-2200 RuleGATE to filter an aggregate traffic load of approximately 80GB/s at line rate. During a 30-day reporting period, there were over 100 billion dynamic intelligence changes.


CleanINTERNET enables large enterprises and government agencies to simplify their environments while maintaining an optimal security posture to keep their operations running.

Key benefits include:

Flexible, high availability deployment options to support the largest, global environments with transaction throughput exceeding 100GB/s

A dramatic reduction in events, alerts, and log data within firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, and SIEM platforms.

Increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of existing security investments

Internal networking and security teams are able to concentrate their efforts on other critical activities

An elite team of cyber threat analysts to monitor and analyze emerging and zero-day threats in the context of your business and industry


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