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When CleanINTERNET is installed, we find that around 1 in 4 networks have compromised hosts that are exfiltrating data.

Staying ahead of attacks is a constant battle, and the cost of management is often unsustainable. Let Centripetal’s elite SecOps team cyber threat hunt, detect, prevent, and mitigate cyber risks for you, alleviating the burden from your own team.
Our SecOps team are included in our cost-effective solution, acting as an extension of your existing team to dramatically improve your cybersecurity posture, ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.
Unlike other solutions, we never interrupt your business’ operations, threat hunting on your behalf before verifying and analyzing relevant threats, creating Shielding policies, and performing bi-directional packet inspection to protect you from network infiltration and data exfiltration.

How our SecOps team enables threat visibility to increase your cybersecurity posture:


We evaluate your current environment and identify real and potential threats that your organization is facing through our Splunk-based SIEM


We take away the noise, evaluating which threats are real and which aren’t to minimize the burden on internal resources


We leverage threat intelligence data and create a shielding posture that doesn’t disrupt business processes


We then recommend the best Shielding posture for your business and work directly with your team to Shield and provide greater ongoing visibility of the threat landscape


Save millions of dollars on threat data/feeds

Access to threat analysts that continually threat hunt on your behalf

Comprehensive threat data that allows you to stay ahead of the threat curve

Fully-managed service to continually threat hunt

Real-time reporting enables you to mitigate any threats in a timely manner and gain relevant information on threats

Alleviate the burden on your security team – reduces daily log data by up to 70%

The findings below are actual results from a Proof of Concept conducted in 2021. These findings demonstrate how CleanINTERNET’s mass-scale analysis and bi-direction shielding create an optimal shielding posture and offer tangible business value.

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