Centripetal Professional Services

Many organizations are dealing with the challenge of the exponential rise in sophisticated cyber attacks on their networks.

For most organizations, finding vulnerabilities and mitigating the risk from them creates a burden on internal resources to ensure they are following best practices related to their cyber security posture.

Centripetal helps companies to dramatically increase their cyber security posture by identifying these vulnerabilities with highly experienced cyber threat analysts that protect our clients from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.
Our Security Operations team performs high-value cyber security services that are cost-effective and designed to achieve specific business outcomes. Our team works closely with customers to ensure client-centric services that deliver an attractive ROI while saving valuable internal resources.


On-Demand Incident Response (IR)

Leverage the latest technologies for host and network-based digital forensics

In-depth and advanced malware analysis

Quickly assess, validate, and respond to incidents by leveraging remote access

Determine source and remediation assistance as well as defensive measures

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in internal and external assets

Evaluate end-user training and awareness with phishing campaigns

Scan websites and web applications to identify security flaws

Provide comprehensive remediation instructions to support staff

Track progress and verify assets remediation

Security Awareness Training​

Evaluate end-user training and awareness with phishing campaigns

Provide engaging content to teach users best practices

Consistently updated to protect against new and state of the art attacks

Qualified and Certified Professionals

Over 25 years of combined security experience

Backgrounds include US Navy, US Army, Department of Homeland Security, and private sector

Industry certifications include CISSP, CASP+, GREM, GNFA, GPEN, GCFA, CEH, etc.

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