Centripetal Previews AI-Analyst™ in First Public Demonstration

Provides first look at breakthrough Artificial Intelligence-based cyber technology

Herndon, VA. – August 14, 2017 – Centripetal Networks, the first company in the cybersecurity market to operationalize and automate threat intelligence at scale, today announced the first public demonstration of its upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI)–based cyber analysis system. The system, called “AI-Analyst”, was demonstrated live at the 2017 Cyber Security R&D Showcase in Washington DC. The recent showcase was hosted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is the Federal government’s premiere cyber security R&D event. The demonstration was given at the request of the DHS to provide the cyber industry a preview of this advanced capability.

Centripetal Networks has a contract with the DHS to accelerate the availability and deployment of the Centripetal AI-Analyst system for use by government and industry customers. As a part of this DHS project, Centripetal is integrating the AI-Analyst system with its existing CleanINTERNET® Intelligence-led Cyber Service. CleanINTERNET, powered by Centripetal’s market-leading Threat Intelligence Gateway technology, is already changing enterprise cyber defense by providing a dramatic increase in cyber protection, as well as a security cost reduction. The advanced functionality of the AI-Analyst initiative adds machine learning, extensive operational event data, and expert heuristic algorithms to automate threat event analysis.

AI-Analyst directly addresses three (3) distinct issues that place a significant strain on cybersecurity practitioners today:

  1. Automatic critical threat identification: The real-time identification of serious reportable attacks is often hidden in a flood of security events. Event analysis currently requires an enormous commitment of cyber analyst man-hours to manually investigate threats.
  2. Cyber security talent shortage: The industry faces an extreme shortage of cyber analysts. This has been identified by many as the single most critical problem in the cyber industry.
  3. Shorter time-to-resolution: To limit or prevent damage, cyber analysts must immediately and accurately identify cyber issues and then resolve them. AI technology can dramatically reduce and eliminate the current cyber workload, the time to remediate or even automatically stop attacks.

“The cyber security community simply must provide cyber analysts with much better tools for doing their jobs more effectively and efficiently,” said Dr. Sean Moore, the chief technology officer and AI-Analyst principal investigator, Centripetal Networks. “The goal of our AI-Analyst integration program is to deliver at least a 100X improvement in cyber analysts’ productivity with at least a 10X reduction in cost.”

About Centripetal Networks

Centripetal Networks Inc. is dedicated to protecting organizations from advanced threats by operationalizing intelligence-driven security.

Centripetal delivers the market’s only patented Threat Intelligence Gateway platform to customers so they can persistently prevent up to 90% of known threats with rapid correlation capabilities, and automated enforcement of millions of IOC policies. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET, an intelligence-led cyber service, leverages these distinct advantages to protect companies of any size. Centripetal is headquartered in Herndon, VA.

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