Centripetal Announces Partnership with The Media Trust

Centripetal’s high-performance RuleGate® appliance operationalizes real-time malware intelligence data from The Media Trust to protect enterprises from everyday employee Internet use.

HERNDON, VA – December 02, 2015

Centripetal Networks Inc., the leading provider of Real-Time Active Network Defense solutions, announces their strategic partnership today with The Media Trust, a leading provider of real-time threat monitoring and detection services. This partnership will deliver a proactive network enforcement solution to organizations by enabling Centripetal’s high-performance RuleGate® platform to leverage The Media Trust’s Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI), real-time threat data consisting of actual malware attacking websites and Internet users via compromised digital advertisement and third-party code used to render websites.

DTI is unlike any other threat data because its intelligence is generated entirely from The Media Trust’s own proprietary ad tag and website monitoring service, which scans and analyzes the website source code, ad tags, third-party domains and any external calls executing on the world’s largest, most heavily trafficked digital properties for anomalous, suspicious or malicious activity. With this panoramic view into the online and mobile ecosystem, DTI provides the real-time, tactical and original source malware data that security operations center (SOC) and information security teams need to protect their networks, digital properties and the everyday Internet activity of employees.

Centripetal offers the Network Protection System, a fully integrated pro-active network defense platform. The core component of this platform is the RuleGate appliance, which blocks and alerts on events in real-time while providing attack visualizations and analytics. RuleGate enforces cyber security policies with millions of rules—at full line rate—and without any degradation in network performance.

Centripetal Networks’ RuleGate ingests The Media Trust’s Digital Threat Intelligence and responds to those threats immediately, preventing the delivery of malicious exploits on the network before they become overt. This joint solution seamlessly removes malicious content often inserted in some of the world’s most heavily trafficked websites and mobile apps via compromised content, third-party code or advertisements.

“Together, Centripetal Network’s proactive network defense platform and The Media Trust’s real-time threat data provide CISOs and their teams with an unprecedented level of protection against web-based malware,” says Chris Olson, The Media Trust’s CEO and co-founder. “This partnership not only brings together two best-of-breed offerings, but also marks a radical departure in how to successfully combat malicious threats to the enterprise due to everyday employee Internet use.”

“We are excited to announce the integration between our solution and the extensive malicious content feeds provided by The Media Trust,” said Steven A. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Centripetal Networks. “Our customers have already seen great success in this integration and look forward to providing organizations across all industries with the new level of security that this combined solution offers.”

Be sure to find both Centripetal Networks and The Media Trust at the NG Security Summit this week, from December 2 – 4 in Austin, Texas, to learn more about this integration.

About Centripetal

Centripetal Networks Inc. is a cyber-security solutions provider specializing in Real-Time Active Network Defense. Centripetal has achieved several breakthroughs in the scale and speed of network protection. Centripetal’s RuleGate® product is the first and only system able to action threat indicators at scale, at full line-rate speed, and with agility. Threat intelligence can now directly drive an active cyber defense without negatively impacting network performance or user experience. Centripetal’s offering includes the RuleGate® a unique ultra high performance network appliance, QuickThreat® the industry’s first real-time threat visualization and analytics platform, and the Advanced Cyber Threat™ (ACT) service.


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About The Media Trust

The Media Trust works with the world’s largest, most-heavily trafficked digital properties to provide real-time security, first-party data protection and privacy, performance management and quality assurance solutions that help protect, monetize and optimize the user experience across desktop, smartphone, tablet and gaming devices.

As the global leader in monitoring the online and mobile ecosystems, The Media Trust leverages a physical presence in 65 countries and 500 cities around the globe to continuously scan websites, ad tags and mobile apps and alert on anomalies affecting websites and visitors alike. More than 500 publishers, ad networks, exchanges, agencies and corporates—including 40 of comScore’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust to protect their website, their employee internet use, their revenue and, most importantly, their brand.

Visit The Media Trust for more information.

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