Centripetal Discusses Account Hijacking

Centripetal Featured in TechNewsWorld Article “Instagram Targets Account Hijacking.”

Account hijacking has become a nettlesome problem at Instagram so it has decided to do something about it. The social media company on Monday said it has begun testing a simpler method for users to reclaim their compromised accounts.

The move, first reported by Motherboard, allows users locked out of their hacked accounts to ask for a six-digit code to be sent to the email address or phone number originally used to open the account.

Byron Rashed, VP of Marketing at Centripetal Networks:

Account hijacking has been going on for more than a decade, said Byron Rashed, vice president of marketing at Centripetal Networks, a network security company in Herndon, Virginia.

“At first, it was a challenge by script kiddies, but then it became a business when threat actors discovered how valuable these accounts can be,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Many accounts can have valuable personal identifying information that can be sold and traded in the underground economy to fully monetize the exfiltrated accounts.”

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