Centripetal Comments on the Toyota Data Breach

Centripetal Comments on the Toyota Data Breach that Exposed Personal Information of 3.1 Million Customers in CPO Magazine

According to a Toyota data breach notification, the cyber attack within Japan occurred at eight different Toyota sales subsidiaries or their affiliates, including independent Toyota and Lexus car dealerships located in Tokyo.

Experts Commented below:

Byron Rashed, VP of Marketing at Centripetal Networks:

The start of the automaker’s data breach problems can be traced back to August 30, which is when a Toyota data breach was first detected on the corporation’s email system. At that time, the concern was that an unauthorized third party could have had access to the personal health information (PHI) of 19,000 Toyota employees.

According to Byron Rashed, Vice President of Marketing at Centripetal, there are several possible reasons for these sustained attacks: “Breaches occur for many reasons. Compromised credentials, poor patch management, overburdened IT security teams, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, and the lack of enforcement, or lack thereof of corporate cybersecurity policies. Utilizing a combination of automated tools and HUMINT, organizations can greatly increase their cybersecurity posture and reduce risk.”

To read more, please see the article on CPO Magazine

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