Our mission is to build a secure digital world by neutralising cyberattacks.

As a global leader in intelligence powered cybersecurity, we are operationalising the world’s largest collection of threat intelligence in real-time, to protect organizations from every known cyberthreat through its innovative patented technologies. With offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Reston, Virginia in the United States, we are now excited to launch our first EMEA office in Galway, Ireland and the European Cyber Intelligence Centre of Excellence.


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The European Cyber Intelligence Centre of Excellence will act as a central hub for customer’s, industry leaders and experts to work with our team to gain insight into the current European and global threat landscape. Customers will have direct access to our global cyber intelligence team, who analyze emerging threats in real-time, highlighting critical risks and actionably integrating global threat intelligence. Additionally, by partnering with leading educational institutions to continue to develop learning resources and career opportunities the Centre will become a hub for innovation in cybersecurity in EMEA.

"Launching a cyber intelligence centre of excellence here in Galway, Ireland, Centripetal EMEA will act as a spearhead for bringing new jobs, opportunities, world-class technology, and innovation to the region. I am proud to be leading our global expansion and with it - an incredibly talented team who will drive change and disrupt the status quo in the global fight against cyber crime."
Dave Silke
CMO & Managing Director, Ireland


Centripetal, cybersecurity, intelligence

CleanINTERNET® is an intelligence-powered cybersecurity solution that uses high performance computing technology, patented software algorithms, and uniquely skilled security analysts to deliver a robust enterprise protection solution at a significantly lower cost.  Presenting an alternative approach to legacy cybersecurity, CleanINTERNET® puts threat intelligence at the forefront, moving from reactive to proactive defense, and helping security teams be more efficient and effective. Proactively protect your business, shielding it in real-time against all known threats.


Centripetal, cybersecurity, intelligence

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