CleanINTERNET® Protects Customers from MOVEit Vulnerability

In early June, multiple threat researchers observed attacks on MOVEit servers using a zero day vulnerability that facilitated data exfiltration. MOVEit Transfer is a managed file transfer software that supports the exchange of files and data. This vulnerability allows an attacker to gain access to the database and possibly infer information about the structure and […]

Cybersecurity for Telecommunications


Last week, the US government warned hospitals and healthcare providers of an increased and imminent ransomware threat, linked directly to Eastern …

CleanINTERNET for the Tech Industry


They may operate in countless sectors, but tech organizations have one thing in common: as leaders in innovation and holders of large amounts of customer information, including sensitive government data, security is crucial. But tech companies take an average of 187 days to identify a data breach, equating to a loss of between 10 and […]