Transforming Local Government Cybersecurity


In the wake of last December’s SolarWinds cyber attack, it’s become apparent that the fallout from the hack didn’t just damage the federal government’s cybersecurity defenses, but state and local government’s as well. No less of a target than their federal counterparts, state and local government cybersecurity’s top three issues are budget, talent, and increasing […]

The Key Challenges for Federal Government Cybersecurity


The federal government has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to its cybersecurity posture, allocating an estimated $18.78 billion for cybersecurity spending in 2021. But the decentralized nature of the U.S. government means that federal government cybersecurity efforts have to span more than 100 different agencies. What’s more, the growing cybersecurity skills gap has left the government […]

Mitigating Cyber Attacks in Global Governments


Cyber attacks from nation-state actors, terrorist groups, criminal organizations, and hacktivists have been a growing concern for years. The increase in attack frequency, threat complexity, and the seriousness of national security and the economic implications have made cyber attacks one of the biggest threats to nations and their governments. The U.S government allocated around $18 […]