The Power of Innovation in Business

Since the conception of mankind, our world has thrived on innovation. It solves problems and drives progress, moving our world forward generation after generation. Innovation has led to the development of new technologies, products, and services that solve problems and meet the needs of people in ways that were previously not possible. From the wheel and the printing press to electricity, cars, computers and the internet – it’s hard to imagine a world without these inventions. And, as a competitive advantage for businesses and organizations, innovation allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stay ahead of the curve. 

With Innovation, Comes Disruption

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship engrained in Centripetal, we are launching Innovation Friday’s to support and recognize entrepreneurs and businesses that innovate, educate on the challenges faced, and inform on the changing landscape of innovation policy.


Howard Schultz, longtime Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks says, “Innovation must be disruptive. And by disruptive, I mean disruptive. You gotta fracture and break the rules and disrupt.”

At Centripetal, we pride ourselves on being experts in innovation, empowering growth and opportunity for small businesses who are disrupting legacy technologies. Our founder, Stephen Rogers, was responsible for securing AirForce One, the United States satellite systems and eventually commercial satellites, deploying the first encrypted commercial satellite communication system. Simply put – he has disrupted traditional technology methods by taking intelligence and integrating it with communication security in networks to prevent adversaries from gaining access. Today, the drive to innovate is found throughout our company in our employees and our solutions.

The Impact on the World

Innovation doesn’t just transform businesses, but entire industries – creating new markets, solving complex problems that disrupt the status quo and drive the growth of society. The value of innovation can be seen through:

  • Economic growth, leading to the development of new industries and the growth of existing ones, which can drive economic development and create jobs.
  • Improved efficiency, leading to more efficient processes, which can save time and resources, and increase competition
  • Increased competition, companies that innovate are often able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage. Disruptive innovations can make it easier for new entrants and challenge established players – leading to lower prices and better products and services.
  • Better products and services, resulting in the development of better, more advanced products and services that meet the needs and preferences of consumers, and make their lives more convenient. 

Innovation plays a critical role in driving progress, and improving the way we live and work to shape the future.  We look forward to telling these stories. Watch more here.

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