Centripetal’s QuickThreat app for Splunk

Centripetal hit another major product milestone and successfully released a QuickThreat® dashboard built natively for Splunk. The release of QuickThreat for Splunk, an industry standard SIEM platform, enables any Centripetal user to integrate their intelligence workflow directly in their Splunk SIEM.

The RuleGate management application is the primary tool to configure the threat intelligence gateway appliance and gather basic operational data of the device. The Splunk application is used to provide an intuitive graphical user interface to analyze, and take action upon, critical real-time threat data as part of the intelligence workflow. Porting event logs to the Splunk app is an efficient and powerful method to view the data provided by Centripetal’s solution in a rich visual experience. The app has become an invaluable management tool used by security analysts to maximize the usefulness of their threat intel.

The analytics tool is available to all of our clients and features an advanced graphical user interface to manage data sent from our threat intelligence gateways. This real-time statistical threat data allows security analysts to thoroughly understand their threat landscape, network performance and security posture.

The QuickThreat App for Splunk is fully certified and validated by Splunk. The app was built by Centripetal and has met Splunk’s high standards for application design and development. Being awarded the “Green Shield” on the QuickThreat app signifies that Centripetal is 100% certified as a trusted Splunk app.

Get QuickThreat App for Splunk here

Splunk users can now take advantage of Centripetal’s unique capability to apply threat intelligence at-scale and enforce it in the network. No other technology can enforce at this scale. Centripetal’s solutions empower security teams to persistently prevent over 90% of the known threat ecosystem as delivered from 70+ threat intelligence providers.

A few key benefits of the new QuickThreat App for Splunk:

  • Visual graphical user interface
  • Correlate threat intel to automate network enforcement
  • Reduce “chatter” and volume of events found
  • Easily adjust threat intel filtering of malicious activity


Product Name: QuickThreat® for Splunk
Availability: Now

Centripetal protects organizations from advanced threats by operationalizing intelligence-led security for organizations of any size.

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