Trust but Verify with Threat Intelligence

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In 1987 at the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty), President Ronald Reagan used an old Russian phrase that Premier Vladimir Lenin originated, ‘doveryai, no proveryai,’ which translated  ‘trust but verify.’ Frequently used by President Reagan when he discussed the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, it became one of his greatest quotes. Almost four decades later, it still applies in many circumstances.  One of these circumstances is leveraging threat intelligence to protect the network.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence helps to determine whether a threat is viable or not, and other pertinent information that is critical in protecting networks and data. A simple example is verifying an individual entering a country with a passport. Is the passport valid? Is this person a threat to national security? What information was used to determine if this person is a potential threat or not? The answer is verification through intelligence.


Verification can be used in various forms, for example, physical security can entail biometrics, visual identification, and IDs, to determine the trustworthiness of an individual. In network security, trust must be enabled for one to access the network to send and receive data within systems. So what is the best way to help prevent network infiltration and data exfiltration? Implementing Zero-trust inspection of all traffic that leverages proactive intelligence is the most advanced strategy for network security.

Threat Detection

Shielding and Advanced Threat Detection using dynamic intelligence on a mass-scale dramatically increase an organization’s cyber security posture. Gaining visibility into threats enables cyber security teams to create policies that harden network defenses. Today’s environment has become extremely challenging since much of the workforce remote that has created new and more persistent threats. Also, overcoming the skills gap, tightened budgets, and maintaining compliance are ongoing. So, in the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, the best way to keep the network safe is to ‘trust, but verify.’


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