30 Cool New Security Products And Solutions Launched At RSA 2016

Posted by Admin on March 3, 2016

The Latest And Safest

The RSA Conference in San Francisco presents the biggest opportunity of the year for companies to tout their latest and greatest security-related technology. This year was no different, with companies both big and small rolling out new technologies to better protect customers, detect attacks and remediate problems. As security is likely to present as big of a challenge as it ever has -- if not bigger -- in 2016, these 30 new solutions look to be potentially invaluable. For companies and partners looking to protect themselves from -- as well as anticipate and thwart -- a rising tide of security threats, here are 30 solutions that caught our eye at this year's event.

Centripetal Networks

A new threat intelligence platform, launched by Herndon, Va.-based Centripetal Networks on Monday at RSA, aims to help businesses identify and prioritize threats before they become a problem. The new RuleGate Network Protection System 2.7 pulls in threat intelligence from more than 40 sources and uses analytics to alert, prioritize and block malicious traffic. Features of the solution include intelligent packet capture, SSL inline content inspection, and multidimensional indicators. New features added on Monday include network path correlation, live geographic visualizer, pivot to source, eight network filtering ports and support for 802.AD QinQ nested VLAN tags.

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