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"The highest performance network filtering solution that ESG has tested or seen in action to date.”

Organizations face a difficult situation in dealing with today’s increasingly difficult threat landscape.

More adversaries are employing exploits to deliver malicious threats with increasing sophistication. Event volumes are far too high. Firms simply can’t keep up with the deluge of evolving threats both known and unknown leaving them vulnerable to breach.

Three ways Centripetal can immediately help you improve your risk posture:

  1. Proactive shielding to automatically block all known threats
  2. Automation to reduce high event volume and massive workload
  3. Tools to increase security staff's effectiveness and responsiveness

CISOs need solutions designed for intelligence that normalize sources by risk, shield the environment, and triage known threats in real time. 

Download the white paper today to learn how to automate network risk prevention and protection!

Centripetal ESG White Paper
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