Outsourced cybersecurity services are critical in protecting critical infrastructure for organizations large and small. In the wake of today’s cyberthreat landscape, no single technology or security team can do it all.

In fact, according to Gartner, "By 2021, at least half of small and midsize enterprises will use managed services to secure their infrastructure, up from less than 20% today."

The industry is shifting toward trusted Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to deliver and manage security functionality for organizations at a rapid pace. Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET is architected to easily integrate into any MDR (Managed Detection and Response) program for added prevention capability and additional service offerings.

cleaninternet for providers

front-end your mdr

Enables any managed security service to front-end their MDR offering with massive scale web filtering outside the firewall to shield environments from key threats.

enhance network security capabilities

Enhance network security capabilities to move from only improving detection to continuous prevention of hundreds of millions of threats based on threat intelligence filtering.

New layer of protection

Adds a new layer of protection that extends 100X beyond what managed firewall services are capable of processing.


A cost-effective solution for any size MSSP to acquire, delivering data from 70+ threat intelligence sources across 3000+ unique feeds

rapid threat intelligence

Will improve SOC performance by an order of magnitude so threat intelligence can be applied, enforced and acted upon at speeds never before thought possible


“The role of managed service providers (MSSPs) is expanding beyond staff augmentation to sophisticated managed cybersecurity services that allow organizations to employ a more proactive security posture. MSPs will need to expand their portfolio of managed security service offerings to meet this demand and to differentiate themselves in this increasingly competitive segment of the cybersecurity market.”

Source: Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, ESG Global


Enabling Providers with Next-Generation Innovation and Delivery

Centripetal delivers its CleanINTERNET intelligence-led cyber service as a service to end-users. This makes it the most adaptable, easily deployable and highly available service that will give MSSPs, ISPs and system integrators an unprecedented layer of protection outside the firewall that filters malicious traffic at-scale.

Providers with customers of any size can leverage truly exceptional technology from Centripetal to integrate into broader cyber service offerings. Centripetal offers an entirely new service opportunity that can serve as the definitive front-end technology that can take your service to the next level.

Centralized Management of Intelligence-led Network Filtering and Enforcement

Enforcement of intelligence against live traffic is what will differentiate providers who integrate Centripetal. The solution may be comprised of physical or virtual enforcement points, and can be centrally and remotely managed, and grouped. Event Logging is streamed directly from the Centripetal enforcement point as a consolidated and tracked flow with a unique event ID per each emission. The emitted logs are sent in a generalized syslog format that is readily ingested by any standard SIEM.

Highly Optimized SOC Operations

The net result for any preventative technology is a reduced workload. When deployed in-line, outside the firewall security stack, Centripetal will alert and dynamically block network traffic in real-time, and integrates with any SIEM platform in provider SOCs. Centripetal delivers bi-directional traffic filtering, for inbound and outbound traffic, removing threats that shouldn’t require investigation, based on intelligence rules. Centripetal enables efficient and accurate threat hunting for threats that require it.

Substantial ROI with Centripetal Investment

Security investments can be costly to large and small organizations. Every new layer requires more spend and more integration. Centripetal solves two budgetary problems for providers, the same way it does for end-users. Centripetal delivers 40+ sources of threat intelligence out of the box, and integrates with 30+ additional sources so providers can leverage premium threat intelligence subscriptions. Centripetal is priced per link and based on link speed required, and all of our pricing options are substantially lower than any outsourced firewall technology.


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