The Cyber Security Challenges Larger Organizations Face

Enterprises are faced with insurmountable amounts of cyber attacks daily. These attacks have not only grown exponentially in number but also complexity as threat actors have become highly motivated to monetize their malicious activity. Threat actors use a variety of techniques that include deception and automated tools that overwhelm internal cyber security teams. These threats create several cyber security challenges for the enterprise. While these attacks have become automated the enterprise response has not.

Centripetal CleanINTERNET helps enterprises overcome this challenge by automatically Shielding bi-directionally clearly known “all risk” threats on a mass scale. This not only dramatically reduces exposure to the enterprise, but also the number of SIEM and firewall events reducing log reports requiring human review by up to 90%. With this Shielding coverage in place, enterprise security can be proactively positioned to concentrate on our Advanced Threat Detection capabilities where a detailed human investigation is warranted to mitigate probable or possible risk.

The Centripetal CleanINTERNET Solution

Within the enterprise, CleanINTERNET enables organizations to achieve more with their existing cyber teams and cyber security infrastructure. Our solution complements and adds to your existing capabilities by eliminating clear threats and cutting most response times from weeks to seconds.

Our cyber threat analysts continuously act as an extension of your team to help detect and combat bi-directional threats to protect your network and data from malicious threats that can negatively affect compliance and business reputation.

  • Bridge the skills gap and ease internal resource burden with Centripetal’s elite and experienced team of cyber threat analysts that act as an extension of your existing team
  • Dramatically increase your cyber security posture and eliminate the need to choose, manage, optimize, and maintain complex threat feeds
  • Cost-effective    over 70 high fidelity/high confidence threat feeds to effectively prevent network infiltration and data exfiltration
  • Decrease SIEM/firewall alerts by up to 70% and increase back-end security stack efficiency

CleanINTERNET® Delivers Real Results


The CleanINTERNET for Enterprise solution utilizes an RG-2000 RuleGATE filtering an aggregate traffic load of approximately 20GB/s at line rate. During a 30-day reporting period, there were over [100B] dynamic intelligence change

The findings above  show the number of threats detected and shielded at a customer location during a 30-day period

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