The Cyber Security Challenges Data-intensive Organizations Face

Performance, security, compliance, and reputation are critical to large organizations and government agencies. Enabling security to this segment in a manner that maximizes uptime, minimizes inconvenience, and avoids any disruption to business or mission-critical operations is the main challenge for cyber threat teams.

Core data center applications are faced with the highest number of sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals, hacktivists, and other malicious sources to extort and exfiltrate valuable data. The performance requirements in these environments are also the most extreme with loading at and above 40GB/s and latencies measured in the micro-seconds. Millions of dollars and countless resources are spent operating and safeguarding these networks. Despite these efforts, networks are constantly compromised by threats that could be avoided with CleanINTERNET service.

The Centripetal CleanINTERNET Solution

E-commerce retailers, core infrastructure and service providers, large Government agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and other organizations that contain sensitive data in high bandwidth networks greatly benefit from CleanINTERNET by Shielding against known “all risk” threats and implementing Advanced Threat Detection using intelligence.

CleanINTERNET detects and shields bi-directionally, shielding clear “all-risk” threats from infiltrating the network while identifying probable threats and other infected internal hosts that may be infiltrating or exfiltrating data. This greatly benefits organizations by mitigating compliance risk, preventing reputational loss with customers and partners, and helps to assist IR teams with prioritized full-context investigations.

  • Effectively protects high-performance network with undetectable latency
  • An elite team of experienced cyber threat analysts from government and private sectors assists in optimized posturing and threat hunting with customized Shielding & ATD
  • Enforcement point designed and manufactured in the USA to meet government requirements
  • Bi-directional shielding prevents network infiltration and data exfiltration
  • Greatly aid and assist IR teams in reducing investigation time from hours to minutes in many cases
  • Full suite of high availability deployment options and line rate platforms above 100GB/s

CleanINTERNET® Delivers Real Results

The CleanINTERNET for Data Centers solution utilizes an RG-2200 RuleGATE filtering an aggregate traffic load of approximately 80GB/s at line rate. During a 30-day reporting period, there were over [100B] dynamic intelligence changes.

The findings above  show the number of threats detected and shielded at a customer location during a 30-day period

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