Join us for this exclusive webinar November 7 at 2pm EST

Centripetal and Webroot have partnered to bring you a webcast to lay out a blueprint that will fully leverage real time IP reputation information at the scale and speed necessary for predictive threat defense.

Every security team faces the challenge of finding and applying the right combination of threat intelligence and indicators that will enhance their overall threat defense.

To add to that, when there are nearly 100,000 new IP addresses being used daily for malicious purposes, teams can experience scale and speed issues surrounding threat intelligence.


Join us to learn:

  • How this new model can detect and block malicious inbound IPs based on key Indicators of Compromise (IOC's)
  • An entirely new method of applying dynamically,  continuously updated threat intelligence, to prevent known threats at scale and rates not seen before



  • Jess Parnell, Director of Information Security with Centripetal
  • Valerie Wrenholt, Technical Product Consultant with Webroot