How to Protect Your Law Firm from the Rise in Ransomware

Cybersecurity in the legal sector

Whether it’s client intellectual property (IP), M&A transaction agreements, or corporate trade secrets, the legal services sector collects a lot of sensitive data. And where there is sensitive data, there is money to be made, with malicious actors increasingly attempting to exploit, sell, or hold legal data to ransom. The legal industry was the most […]

How to Defeat Ransomware with ThreatOps

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite an uptick around a host of new cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) solutions promising to help combat the steady rise in ransomware attacks. If you’re not familiar with them, CTI solutions were designed to collect publicly available cyberthreat data from across the globe that they could package and sell […]

Ransomware Surges in Popularity

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You might have noticed that ransomware attacks have seen a surge in popularity recently that most say will likely continue for some time. It’s not that ransomware attacks are new; the first documented ransomware attack was the AIDS trojan back in 1989. It’s just that they’ve become much easier for thieves to monetize with a […]