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The Challenges to Implementing Cybersecurity Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

September 16, 2021 | Byron Rashed
As manufacturing evolves and more sites choose to adopt connected and smart technologies, (read more in our previous manufacturing blog), hackers and other bad actors are provided with many more access points to exploit. But despite risk being high, studies have found that a quarter of man...
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Cybersecurity in Hospitality – Protecting Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts from Cyber Threats

July 27, 2021 | Byron Rashed
No industry has undergone such a dramatic evolution in recent years as the hospitality industry. To keep up with customer demand for convenience and accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, many hospitality businesses have digitized dramatically, implementing reservation apps, digital payments, ...
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Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Attacks in Global Governments

May 26, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Cyber attacks from nation-state actors, terrorist groups, criminal organizations, and hacktivists have been a growing concern for years. The increase in attack frequency, threat complexity, and the seriousness of national security and the economic implications have made cyber attacks one o...
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What Does the Shift to E-commerce Mean for Retail Cybersecurity?

May 12, 2021 | Byron Rashed
When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered global lockdowns in 2020, e-commerce growth advanced as retailers relied solely on digital sales to stay afloat. In fact, the shift to e-commerce was accelerated by five years in 2020 alone. This rise of e-commerce has introduced a number of challenges ...
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Cybersecurity Risk in the Utilities Sector

April 26, 2021 | Byron Rashed
The cyber threat landscape for utilities is constantly expanding to include more complex attacks from nation-state actors and other sophisticated players, who have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to target essential infrastructure providers. In May 2021, after a devastating ranso...
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Protecting the Legal Sector with Cyber Threat Intelligence

March 26, 2021 | Byron Rashed
There are very few organizations that hold as much sensitive and highly monetizable data as those in the legal sector. The American Bar Association states that law firms are “custodians of highly sensitive information, therefore inviting targets for hackers… and are facing a major professi...
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CleanINTERNET for the Healthcare Industry

March 15, 2021 | Byron Rashed
The healthcare industry incurs the highest average data breach costs at a huge $7.13 million, 84% more than the global average. In the wake of high-profile breaches like the SolarWinds attack and the rise of ransomware like Ryuk, healthcare organizations are facing complicated and increasi...
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Microsoft Exchange Recent Vulnerabilities and Targeted Attacks

March 9, 2021 | Byron Rashed
On Tuesday, March 2nd, Microsoft published KB5000871[1] that contained security updates for vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange. These vulnerabilities have been identified being exploited as zero-day in the wild prior to the release of these updates. Microsoft recommends applying the sec...
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Reducing the Cost of Cyber Threat Intelligence

February 23, 2021 | Byron Rashed
As the cost of the average cyber breach increases, now hitting up to $4million per breach, cybersecurity has become a vital budget consideration for businesses, no matter their size. In fact, around half of all cyberattacks target small or medium-sized businesses, necessitating a solution ...
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Fortifying Your Network with CleanINTERNET

February 9, 2021 | Byron Rashed
Cyber threats are constantly increasing in complexity, with billions of records being exposed by data breaches in 2020 alone. These attacks include phishing, ransomware, Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), and Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, with new malware and viruses being discover...
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