Harnessing Intelligence Powered Cybersecurity in the Cloud

As businesses increasingly embrace cloud computing to enhance their operations, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount. Traditional cybersecurity approaches often fall short in protecting cloud environments against ever-evolving cyber threats. This is why today we are excited to announce that we are expanding our CleanINTERNET® service to the cloud. CleanINTERNET® CLOUD is a revolutionary approach to defending organizations from cyber threats by leveraging dynamic threat intelligence from more than 250 threat intelligence providers in real-time, proactively shielding networks from 99% of known threats. 

The cloud, with its scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, has become an integral part of modern business infrastructure. However, it also presents unique security challenges, as organizations must secure not only their on-premises systems but also their cloud-based assets. Any server deployed in the cloud is a potential target for hackers. A recent study found that 81% of organizations have experienced a cloud-related security incident in 2022, and the average cost of a data breach has reached a record high of $4.35 million in the United States. Therefore cybersecurity concerns need to be top of mind for all cloud based initiatives. 

CleanINTERNET® CLOUD represents a significant advancement in protecting our customers’ digital assets from evolving cyber threats, removing the need for more costly cybersecurity infrastructure. Key benefits include:

  • Protection across all enterprise assets via cloud centric security solution
  • Achieve immediate risk reduction with rapid, flexible and scalable deployment
  • Address ongoing skills shortages by leveraging outsourced threat monitoring by our highly trained senior Intelligence Operations Analysts
  • Control security costs and complexity by availing of highly effective intelligence powered defense

As businesses increasingly embrace cloud computing, the adoption of intelligence-powered cybersecurity becomes essential for maintaining a strong security posture. By investing in these cutting-edge solutions like CleanINTERNET® CLOUD, organizations can strengthen their resilience, enhance threat detection and prevention capabilities, and ensure the secure and uninterrupted operation of their cloud-based systems.

CleanINTERNET® CLOUD is currently available on Amazon Web Services now, and will be arriving on Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform in fall 2023. Learn more here.

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