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Cyber Threat Intelligence Challenges Faced by Mid-market Organizations

Posted by Byron Rashed on August 4, 2020

The evolution of the cyber security landscape has initiated a chess game between security teams and hackers. As cyber security teams take a toughened stance on cyber threats and continuously invest in improving their cyber security posture, hackers aim to exploit their vulnerabilities with increasingly sophisticated techniques. Hackers now attack every 39 seconds, and security breaches have increased by 67% since 2014. In opposition, cyber security spending has grown, with over $124 billion spent on security products and services in 2019 alone.


Cyber Threat intelligence is, the collection and analysis of indicators of past, current, and potentially real future threats. Cyber Threat Intelligence marks a pivotal point in the change of security approaches from reactive to proactive, enabling a proactive defense against threats that emerge before they strike on a mass scale, but to do this the threat data must be understood, relevant, actionable, and prompt. While the majority (77%) of companies recognize that threat intelligence is important or very important to their overall security posture, most organizations can only research and utilize between 1 and 100 threat indicators weekly.


Aggregating cyber threat intelligence feeds is a way of compiling large amounts of threat intelligence data into one place; and leveraging high confidence and high fidelity data provides an early warning system for potential indicators of compromise. However, some data overlaps when comparing threat feeds, meaning  one feed is no longer enough. With each provider’s set of feeds costing between $30,000 and $500,000, it’s a confusing and expensive process.


Additionally, cyber threat teams often don’t understand how complex it is to manage multiple feeds and leverage the information that the feeds provide. On top of this, it’s difficult to recruit new and retain highly skilled cyber threat analysts due the growing security skills gap. Global cyber security skills shortages have now surpassed 4 million, with 65% of businesses reporting a shortage of cyber security staff.


This is particularly challenging for mid-size organizations, who lack the specialized staff and extra revenue to invest in threat intelligence solutions, learn how to effectively use them, and scrutinize data for the relevant threats. With 50% of small and mid-sized businesses suffering at least one cyber attack in 2019, the threat to mid-tier organizations is growing.


After identifying this need, we set out with the mission to develop a cost-effective threat intelligence service that provides a seamless, efficient, and scalable solution to businesses of all sizes regardless of industry. When Centripetal was founded in 2009, we carried out extensive in-house research and development before creating our threat intelligence gateway, the first of its kind, and have since evolved our solution into our Cyber Threat Intelligence service, CleanINTERNET. Small and mid-sized businesses spend an average of $955,429 recovering from cyber attacks; CleanINTERNET provides cyber threat intelligence and analysis for a fraction of this price.


By leveraging over 100 sources of Cyber Threat Intelligence with over 3,500 feeds, the solution saves millions of dollars on separate providers and feeds, as well as helping to automatically enforce standards such as PCI DSS, ITAR and HIPAA and therefore helping to avoid non-compliance fines. Our Full-service Implementation means you can be set up within hours and receive personalized support throughout the process, with our elite team of cyber threat analysts bridging the security skills gap within your organization. This means you can focus on your business without the constant worry of cyber threat, and with little disruption to company operations.


Using dynamic intelligence on a mass-scale for Shielding and Advanced Threat Detection, we support some of the largest financial services institutions, retailers, healthcare providers and government agencies in the world. Our customer base has kept growing over the last few years and is now deployed in well-known organizations and many government entities worldwide.


Speak to one of our team and see how CleanINTERNET can benefit your organization.


Our next blog will be an interview with our CEO, Steven Rogers, about his career in the US Air Force Security Service and White House communications division and how this has lead him to pioneer the threat intelligence gateway market.