Beyond Firewall Security

How Centripetal Enhances Network Protection

Many in the cyber security field feel that they are protected since they have firewalls in place. The reality is that firewall security has its limitations. It’s not uncommon for firewalls to fail, with mistakes often made in patching or configuration that can allow serious threats through.

When Firewall Security Fails

Firewalls form an essential layer of best practice cybersecurity — protecting networks by blocking unwanted or suspicious traffic. But the threat landscape is a dynamic and volatile place. Cyber-criminals are constantly hunting for gaps in corporate defenses that they can exploit to sneak through into networks.

There’s plenty to lose if threat actors find any of these gaps in your firewalls. Alongside misconfigured access control settings, software vulnerabilities represent a major risk. A serious bug in the firewall software could allow malicious traffic right through the cyber-front door and into the corporate network, if exploited by cyber-criminals.

How Centripetal Can Help

With Centripetal, you’re preventing known malicious sources from entering the network before the security stack, dramatically increasing the security posture and helping safeguard common firewall issues. More specifically, our:

  • CleanINTERNET Service combines over 3,500 cyber threat intelligence feeds to offer comprehensive network protection from malicious activity
  • CleanINTERNET helps prevent network infiltration and data exfiltration with bi-directional shielding of known malicious threats.
  • CleanINTERNET also provides an elite team of threat analyst team to act as an extension of your own security team.
  • Centripetal also offers Professional Services to assist with various cyber security services if needed.

Find out more

To find out more on how Centripetal’s zero-trust intelligence-based defense can help block the threats firewalls may miss, please read our white paper here.

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